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A company based in Asia connecting businesses globally on a broad spectrum. TAG explores various industries in aviation to provide the best assessment for related services. Formed by aviators in profession, gives us the advantage of trade awareness and knowledge. TAG aspires to become an international pioneer in the field of aviation.

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A team of current and retired aviators with a combined aviation experience exceeding 20 years.

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TAG invites you to go global with our free consultation to map your vision in aviation. We can guide you to the door of aviation career you have been aspiring. If you belong to the sky, then there it is you long to return.


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I'm a new entry with TAG, and so far I'm thoroughly pleased with their support and guidance. I have been introduced to some of the best trainers, and I look forward to a rewarding career as a pilot.

Shehan SilvaCadet 2015

I'm currently with one of the fastest growing airlines in East Asia. I know TAG through a friend who was supported by them before, I got a little more than what I expected, thank you TAG team!

S AhmedAirline First Officer

Our trainers have worked together in different airlines for decades, and know each other well enough to support and work as a unit. We are patient but also persistent in generating the best aviators.

Anthony BernandTraining Manager